Late Night

Can’t sleep. Have to many things to do.

By briana1124

I will do it!!!!

I have decided to make another animation involving nerd boy and nerd girl it might take a while but i will hope fully get it done.

(starting today: August 16,2013)

By briana1124


Have nothing to say and nothing to do until Tuesday when i finally start an engineering program.

By briana1124


I can jump for joy and sleep easy… at least until tomorrow when i have to present it goodness I will definitely make a mistake tomorrow.


Just can’t win can I.

By briana1124

Pulling out my hair

literally what the tittle says. I’m losing it i only have like 1 maybe 2 more days, and that’s pushing, it before this animation has to be finished!!

* about to have a meltdown *

By briana1124

times almost up

only like two more days befor i have to hand in my animation

wonder how its going to turn out* a little nervous*

By briana1124

new post

Only thing I can find great about today was I’m almost finished with the animation(AKA: I have only 4 days to finish could mean I fall)

By briana1124


Working on the animatic and finally got my sound or at least the beginning supper happy all thanks to youtube!! 😀

By briana1124


Doing work late have to finish home work.

even in the summer I’m always doing work


By briana1124